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2011-2017 Lexus CT200H Stealth Emblem Vinyl Decal Overlay Set

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Want to stand out amongst the other Lexus CT hybrids without breaking the bank? Looking for something unique for your car while making it your own? Look no further because our vinyl emblem overlay will have others asking you where you got it from. 

2011-2017 LEXUS CT200H (flat glass style emblem only)

Stealth pre-cut Lexus emblem overlay set with matte/gloss background and F-sport/Lexus logo. This kit comes with both the FRONT & REAR cover. 


No water is needed for the application of our Lexus emblem vinyl overlays since we only use material with air release adhesive backing. This allows for an easy installation with minimum to no air bubbles, making our overlay user friendly. 


  • Includes FRONT + REAR
  • Automotive grade vinyl with air release backing
  • Precision cut
  • Easy to peel and install
  • 2-5 year lifespan
  • Made in the USA
Does not effect front emblem sensors.



Pole: Flag pole made specifically for the Nobori. It stands at 5 feet tall when collapsed, but has a max height of 10 feet.

Tire Stand: Heavy duty tire stand with a diameter of 1.125". It is a perfect pair with our Nobori pole which has a diameter of 1".

Water Stand: Another popular option when it comes to keeping your flag stable whether it be for an outdoor or indoor event.



  • USA Made

  • Premium Quality

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

What is a Nobori Flag?

The Nobori Flag is a long and narrow Japanese style banner that is attached to a pole and cross-rod. Its distinctive style has become popular outside businesses and retail stores. They are now common sight amongst the car community as a promotional tool and decorative piece.

What makes our Nobori unique?

Not a fan of long wait times? So are we, which is why our Nobori Flags are domestically printed, sewn and shipped as compared to most competitors who rely on oversea suppliers. As a result, we are able to produce flags with the fastest turnaround in addition to our emphasis in quality control.

Elevate your next show

Stand out at your next car event, drift day or trade show with a custom-made Nobori Flag. Its unique design and presence makes it a perfect tool for brand marketing. Make your logo known with this Japanese style banner whether you hang it on the wall or pair it with our black nobori pole.

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