Windshield Banner Installation Guide

You just received your custom windshield banner and may be thinking, how do I install this? The thought of installing a banner may seem challenging, but it is a easy process if done with the right tools. We have created a guide to provide detailed instructions on how to successfully install your banner. 


  • Soapy Water
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Squeegee (or Credit Card)
  • Painters Tape
  • Razor Blade
  • Measuring Tape


First thing you must do is prepare your car's windshield for installation. It is important that you clean the surface of all debris, dust, dirt, grease and residue with soapy water.

Note: Do NOT use chemicals to clean the windshield. This can effect the vinyl's ability to stick to the windshield and/or cause lifting overtime.


Method explained is for wet installation 

  1. Find an assistant to help. 
  2. Clean the surface as best as you can.
  3. Find the center point of your windshield and mark it with blue tape.
  4. Lay the banner face down on the clean surface.
  5. Pull the backing paper off while spraying soapy water on top of the vinyl. 
  6. Spray soapy water on top of windshield. This acts as a lubricant and allows you to freely adjust the banners position without it sticking to the windshield.
  7. Place the banner on the windshield and adjust to desired position.
  8. Use a squeegee to tack down your banner, while removing excess water and bubbles. 
  9. Let the banner dry for a few minutes before trimming. 
  10. Use a razor and carefully cut the excess vinyl along the edges of your windshield. 
  11. Allow the banner to fully dry and cure for 48 hours before using wiper blades. 


  • Do not install the banner under direct sunlight. It is best to do it in the shade.
  • It is best to install your banner on a cool windshield.¬†
  • It is ideal to install your banner when temperatures are between 59¬įF -¬†77¬įF. If the weather is too cold, the banner will be stiff and harder to work with. If the weather is too hot, the banner can become overstretched and soft.¬†
  • Some air bubbles may take weeks to disappear. If the¬†bubbles are too large, you can help release the air by poking a small hole on the vinyl and smoothing out the area with a squeegee.