Die-Cut Decal Installation


Installing a die-cut decal is simple when using the right tools and methods. We have provided an install guide to ensure your decal comes out clean and fresh.


  • Soapy Water/ Alcohol
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Squeegee (or Credit Card)


First thing you must do is prepare your car's windshield or desired surface area for installation. It is important that you clean the surface of all debris, dust, dirt, grease and residue with soapy water. Alcohol is another great alternative.

Note: Do NOT use chemicals to clean the surface especially if it is oily. This can effect the decal's ability to adhere to the surface and/or cause lifting overtime.


1. Prep the area and clean it as best you can. Drying off with a microfiber.

clean the surface before installing die-cut vinyl decal

2. Grab your decal. Before peeling, take a squeegee (credit card) and swipe the surface to make sure vinyl is adhered to the transfer tape. 

squeegee your decal before peeling to make sure vinyl sticks to the transfer tape

3. Slowly peel back the transfer tape. 

Peeling the transfer tape off the backing paper

4. Place decal onto desired location. From one end to another, take a squeegee and press the decal onto surface. 

Squeegee diecut decal onto the surface

5. Carefully peel back the transfer tape, leaving the decal on the surface. 

Peel back the transfer tape, revealing the decal on surface

All done!


Vinyl not sticking to the transfer paper?

This means that the decal is not fully pressed onto the transfer paper, which can be altered during travel and if left sitting around too long. Simply re-press the transfer paper back down with a squeegee with slight pressure.

Vinyl not sticking to surface?

This is due to the surface not being clean or oily from cleaning chemicals. Please make sure that the surface is smooth and cleaned with soapy water/alcohol. Also, make sure that the applicable surface is dry.

How to remove old adhesive?

It is important to remove all residue before installing your new decal. If on glass, take a razor blade and carefully scrape away the old adhesive with the blade held at an angle and flat on the surface.

Bubbles under decal?

The bubbles left behind after install are just small pockets of air or microdust. Heat from the sun can help remove the small air bubbles or you can carefully poke a small hole to push out the excess air. The hole will disappear after a couple days and will not be noticeable.