Overlay Install


Our vinyl emblem overlays are designed to go over your car's stock logo emblem (and will NOT interfere with the front sensor if present ). We have designed our overlays to be user friendly and hassle free when installing. However, technique does play a big part as to how it turns out. Listed below are steps and tips on how to successfully apply the emblem overlay onto your car's OEM badge. A video guide is also attached below. 
Do not rush the installation process. TAKE YOUR TIME.


  • Soapy water/ Alcohol (cleaning)
  • Microfiber Towel (if cleaning with soapy water)
  • Wrapping Glove/Fingers
  • Heat gun/Hair dryer (a MUST in cold weather)


First thing and most importantly, you must prepare the surface by making sure it is clean of all debris, dust, dirt or grease. Please use the provided alcohol pad or soapy water. Avoid using any waxy chemicals, as this can affect how well the overlay sticks to the surface. 


  1. Ideal temperatures for installation is between¬†65¬įF - 74¬įF.¬†If the weather is too cold, the overlay will be stiff and harder to work with.¬†It will also cause the adhesive to freeze, and not stick to the surface.¬†If the weather is too hot, the vinyl overlay will become soft, and extra sticky.¬†
  2. Before installing, make sure the emblem is cool to the touch and away from the sun. Installing in direct sunlight will cause the vinyl to heat up quickly, causing the material to rapidly adhere to the surface. This makes the overall install difficult.
  3. Make sure that the emblem is clean and dry. 
  4. A heat gun might be needed to help the vinyl shrink or activate adhesion, especially in cold weather.  
  5. Wet application is NOT recommended. The vinyl is equipped with air release channels. Liquids can get trapped in the gaps and if not dried properly, affects the tackiness and can lead to lifting. 


1. Remove the vinyl from the backing paper.         
2. Hold it by the left and right side with firm pressure making sure to not stretch the material. Gently center the overlay as best you can without tacking down the vinyl (so it doesn't fully stick on, making it easier to lift for adjustments). Realign if needed.                               
3. Once placement is confirmed, start tacking down the vinyl starting from the center making your way out to the edges. Simply use your fingers and glide it over the material, making sure to overlap each pass. Do NOT run a hard surface such as a credit card over the emblem. This will cause unwanted tears and scratches. 
upturn prints vinyl overlay install instructions
4. If vinyl does this, STOP what you are doing. The material is bunching together because it has no where to go, no outlet. Help guide the vinyl so it lays smoothly without risking creases. 
5. The edges shouldn't be fully adhered to the surface if following the center-out method. Lift the edge of the overlay to create space for the vinyl to go. Continue tacking down (see video for visual guide). Sometimes, heat may be needed to help the vinyl shrink, especially in cold weather and curved edges.

6. If there is any excess vinyl hanging over the stock emblem, simply tuck it into the edge of the car's emblem. Fold the backing paper in half and use that to tuck. No trimming is required. 
Tuck excess vinyl into the gaps
7. Post heat the material with a heat gun or hair dryer. Post heating activates the adhesive, enhancing its bonding properties. Ensures vinyl is secure onto the surface. Vinyl may lift if not heated after application. Highly recommend, especially in cold areas.

8. All done!
Note: Depending on your environment, a heat gun will be needed for the install. If conditions are not ideal, it is recommended to wait until the weather warms up.