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Custom Vintage HKS Power Inspired Track Racing Numbers Set | Vinyl Sticker or Reusable Magnet

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Custom Track Numbers inspired by HKS power racing. Personalize your magnet/vinyl sticker today with your very own number, flag and name. Note that the numbers are limited to a max of 3 digits. Each order comes with a set (2 piece), one for the driver and passenger door.

Printed on high quality air release material, making installation super easy. Any air bubbles can be pressed out with your fingers. Make sure that the body panel is clean before you install the track numbers.

Great option for temporary use, on/off track. Simply adhere the magnet to a clean, flat body surface on the door. Once done with track day, peel the magnet off until future uses. Note that magnet ONLY adheres to STEEL doors. Will not work with aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass or plastic.  

A digital mockup will be sent over to you. Once approved, the we will begin production. The faster you are able to approve the mockup, the quicker you will get your item.

*Size: 15" x 12"
*Magnet or Vinyl
*2 pieces (set)
*Full Digital Print
*UV Laminated
*Custom Made


-15" x 12"
-High quality Vinyl/Magnet
-Full color digital print
-UV laminated
-Made to order



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