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Custom 55" Two-Color Window Banner

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Custom 2-color front windshield banner consists of a die-cut vinyl text on top of a solid color sun strip vinyl. If you have a logo that you want to use, we can also do that for you. Simply upload the file in highest quality possible. Note: Logo must be single color

Negative is when the font is cut out from the solid color sun strip. Meaning that the text's "color" will be the windshield. 

Got a car team and/or looking to source high-quality banners? We cater to those that are looking to grow their brand by offering bulk discounts. The more you need, the more you save! Contact us for more information as to how much you can save.


    -55" x 10"
    -High Quality Vinyl


    Place the banner on the center of the window and tape both sides down on windshield. The pieces of tape acts as a guide for later. Peel of the backing paper while spraying with water mixed with a dash of dish soap. Now, line both sides of the banner to the guides that you created with the tape. Take a squeegee, or credit card, and slowly lay the banner down while pushing out all water. Make sure it is bubble free then allow banner to dry before trimming excess off. Note: it is easier to install on a clean, warm windshield. Clean windshield only with water and soap while avoiding chemicals.



    • Free Design Proofs

    • Water Proof Vinyl

    • UV Resistant

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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    Custom banner

    Went in for a Nobori Pole, and came back next day for my banner. Didn't expect them to install it for me, but they did! 10/10 service and glad I found these guys local to me

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      Don't worry about properly setting up your file for production. Just show us your design and we will take care of the rest.

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