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2020-2023 Toyota Supra MKV Reflective Emblem Vinyl Overlay Set

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Want to stand out amongst the other Toyota Supra A90s without breaking the bank? Looking for something unique for your car while making it your own? Look no further because our reflective vinyl emblem overlay set will do just that!


In the daytime, the vinyl looks like any other normal vinyl decal. However, once a light source hits the material, the reflective Toyota logo will look like it is lit up from within. The effect of the reflective overlay is most noticed during night time. 

2020-2023 TOYOTA SUPRA MK5

Pre-cut Toyota emblem overlay set with various custom colors to choose from. This kit comes with the Front+Rear overlay. 


No water is needed for the application of our Supra emblem vinyl overlays since we only use material with air release adhesive backing. This allows for an easy installation with minimum to no air bubbles, making our overlay user friendly. 


  • Includes front+rear
  • Automotive grade vinyl with air release backing
  • Precision cut
  • Easy to peel and install
  • 2-5 year lifespan
  • Made in the USA



  • Automotive-Grade Vinyl

    High quality vinyl material used for automotive vehicle wraps. Thus, wet installation is not needed/recommended.

  • User-friendly

    Vinyl equipped with air-release backing channels. This allows air bubbles to be easily pressed out with your finger.

  • Precision Cut

    All overlays are tested and perfectly cut to fit over your OEM emblem. Easy installation, with no trimming needed.

  • Install Guide

    Installation guide featuring a video demonstration on how to properly wrap your OEM badge. Click Here.

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